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Jilbabs and Abayas


We have the best collection of Jilbabs and  Abayas ,over garments by Al-Mujalbaba. We have a jilbab and abaya for any occassion. Comfortable jilbabs and abayas. Easy to wash.

The jilbab is an outergarment or overgarment which could be a robe, coat, dress which covers all but the head and hands and worn over the regular clothing.

An abaya is a cloak like garment which covers all but the head and hands.

Jilbabs and abayas are the popular forms of Islamic clothing or Muslim women clothing on the market today.

There is a large selection of Muslim women clothing, or Islamic clothing including jilbabs and abayas that are imported from various Middle Easten countries and now at Al-Mujalbaba we have jilbabs and abayas made in the USA.

Plus size jilbabs and plus size abayas are being made by Al-Mujalbaba and these plus jilbabs and plus size abayas are found within the various jilbab and abaya items or select the plus size button on the left menu.

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