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Fabric Information

At Al-Mujalbaba we basically use two types of fabrics, synthetics, which are man made and natural fabrics, which come from plants.

  • Types of synthetic fabrics include:polyester and various chiffons like yoryu chiffon.
  • Types of natural fabric from plants is cotton. 

We use polyester, which includes georgette, pebble georgette, yoryu chiffon, crushed chiffon and other types of chiffon. We also make khimars from cotton voile and cotton gauze.


Georgette fabric has unique characteristics, as it is made with twisted yarn. This twisted yarn gives the fabric a bouncy or springy quality. The fabric is sheer, crisp, soft and can be draped over the body easily. Georgette fabric is most often used in the construction of dresses, skirts and other loose-fitting clothing pieces. The fabric comes in many different colors since it can be dyed and printed. Georgette fabric was once associated with royalty due to its elegant appearance.

Pebble Georgette

Pebble georgette is distinguished from regular georgette by its texture which has a pebble fee and look. Also, it is slightly heavier than the regular georgette. Come customers have stated that the pebble georgette stays on the head better than regular georgette.

Yoryu Chiffon

in general chiffon, another type of polyester is sheer and has a flat surface, however the yoryu chiffon although lighter in weight than the georgette, has a "line" texture. A close up of the fabric shows many tiny lines woven as part of the fabric. Customers have reported that this fabric has a "stretchy" quality which make this type of scarf less slippery on the head.

Crushed Chiffon

Another type of chiffon but instead of being smooth or with lines the crushed chiffon is as though the was "squeezed" and released leaving a texture as though it was well crushed.


We also make our khimars, hijabs or scarves from natural fabrics like cotton which are from the cotton plant. There are many types of cotton with so many weaves and uses. We use two types of cotton cotton gauze and cotton voile.

  • Cotton gauze
  • Cotton Voile

 Cotton Gauze

Cotton gauze is not a light weight as the polyesters and does not have that soft drape look like the polyesters. Many customers wear the cotton gauze because it is cotton, soft , durable and breathable. Unlike the yoryu chiffon where you cannot really see the lines, cotton gauze "line" texture is very visible and large than the yoryu chiffon. Also does not have the quantity of colors like the georgette for example ad can be higher in price.

Cotton Voile

A very light weight cotton. In fact the lightest weight cotton we have found to make cotton scarves, however it is not carried in all stores and tend s to be higher in price than the polyester fabrics.


Rayon Voile is a luxuriously soft, sheer material with a gorgeous drape. ... Voile Fabric fibers are then configured in a tight, plain weave, meaning the warp and weft yarns are woven into a basic crisscross formation. With its light weight and delicate drape, rayon voile is perfect for summer.